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A list of all the great projects that use Lazysodium reside on this page.

The table below shows what the project is titled, a short description of the project, whether it is Android compatible and whether it is Java compatible.


Short description



Lazysodium: The Android App

Download our open-source app that showcases some of Lazysodium's features.


Java Implementation of Platform-Agnostic Security Tokens.


A super secure diary/journal that provides end to end encryption.

Threema (SaltyRTC)

Threema is a global end-to-end encrypted chatting app and SaltyRTC is their protocol for encryption. We're very happy to be used in such a popular application 😄


Used by the government of Ecuador's Ministry of Health to encrypt and sign a list of ambulatory care and consultations.


An encrypted NoSQL database designed from the ground-up for user privacy and security.


The most private messenger possible. Your device does not store any info. It directly interacts with the blockchain, where every byte is fully-encrypted.


A small TCP server written in Java powered by Netty, an asynchronous networking library.

Regen Ledger

A global marketplace & contracting platform for Earth's ecosystem assets, services, and data.


The TezosJ SDK library enables plain Java developers to create applications that communicates with Tezos blockchain.


Exonum Java Binding is a framework for building blockchain applications in Java, powered by Exonum.


A password manager protected against quantum computers.


A library for facilitating hashed based KDF signature authentication, and end-to-end encrypted communication with compatible API's.


The primary purpose of this library is to make small tasks easy, and provide better integration with the JSSE stack. This library implements a set of "fluent" API builders for the classes, and provides more typesafe, intuitive API to access trust stores, key stores and keys


Android client for making encrypted calls using a custom call operator. All calls are end to end encrypted using the Lazysodium library.